Cinnamon Rolls and Family Time

The kitchen seems to be the place to be for any occasion. If your hungry, thirsty, cooking, baking, or spending time with friends and family. The best part about my kitchen is spending time with the ones I love. Baking with my mom has turned into a weekly event in the house, and I also enjoy the yummy foods we make.

The time I can spend with mom now is more precious then it has been before. Sure we butted heads while I was a teenager growing up, but nowadays I have grown wiser and realized she’s not as bad as it had seemed before. Just taking the time to sit and talk with her has made me understand a little more where she is coming from. Mamma knows best right?

The cinnamon rolls turned out excellent and even though they were from a rolled can it still tasted homemade. Now matter what they tasted like I still enjoyed helping bake them. They don’t take long to make, and were hot out of the oven. The cream cheese icing was the best part about the baking process. It melted nicely and evenly over the cinnamon rolls.

My days would not be complete if it weren’t for these baking days with my mom. Turns out once you let things go and enjoy life the way it comes you find things to be less stressful and more fun. So next time your in the kitchen make sure you’re spending it with the people you love. Cooking, baking, and family makes for a good week ahead.

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